Pharmacy Locations

As part of our pharmacy network, PillPack has multiple facilities under common ownership. We reserve the right to process or fill your medication order at any site in compliance with pharmacy regulations — and the dispensing pharmacy will always be identified on the prescription label.

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Visit a pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy #001
4500 S. Pleasant Valley Road
Ste. 201
Austin, TX 78744

Amazon Pharmacy #004
34 35th Street, Suite 4BSW
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Amazon Pharmacy #006
3620 Plainfield Road
Indianapolis, IN 46231

PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy
250 Commercial Street, Suite 2012
Manchester, NH 03101

Amazon Pharmacy #003
6701 NW 7th Street
Suite 199
Miami, FL 33126

Amazon Pharmacy #002
3809 E Watkins St
Phoenix, AZ 85034