Our Story

PillPack was built to fix pharmacy.

TJ Parker, a second-generation pharmacist, spent most of his life watching people struggle with managing their medications -- dozens of pill bottles, weekly trips to the pharmacy, and time-consuming DIY organization -- while their pharmacists had limited resources to help. The entire system was complicated, confusing and did little to support health or wellness. TJ had one foot in the the stagnant world of pharmacy and one foot in the fast-paced realm of design and technology, and he always thought there was a better way.

We started from the ground up...

While finishing pharmacy school, TJ met Elliot Cohen through MIT’s Hacking Medicine. They started PillPack to prove that managing medications could actually be simple. They recognized that fixing pharmacy requires actually building a better pharmacy. Until customers had an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy, no app or smart pill box could truly affect the problem. After making it their mission to challenge traditional retail pharmacies, TJ and Elliot focused first on helping the people with the toughest problem - the 30 million US adults (that’s 1 in 10) who take more than 5 prescription medications a day.

... and designed a solution around our customers’ needs.

From the beginning, PillPack’s mission has been to deliver a delightful customer experience. We believe that simple, convenient service empowers regular people to take medications correctly and achieve better overall wellness.

Facts and Figures


PillPack is a full-service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience through convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service.


PillPack’s pharmacy and distribution center is located in Manchester, NH. The engineering, design, and marketing teams are located near Inman Square in Somerville, MA.


PillPack is designed to serve people who manage multiple medications. Every two weeks, customers receive a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications, along with a recyclable dispenser and any other medications that cannot be placed into packets, like liquids and inhalers. Each shipment includes a medication label that explains what each pill is and how it should be taken. In addition to pre-sorting medications, PillPack coordinates refills and guarantees the shipment of all medications on time, every time. Easy-to-use online tools allow customers to track their shipments, refills, and co-pays. Customers can email or call their PillPack pharmacist any time to ask questions or clarify instructions.


PillPack is currently available in 49 states.


There is no additional charge for PillPack beyond standard 30-day co-pays. Co-pays generally stay the same and PillPack accepts most major prescription insurance plans as well as most forms of Medicare Part D.


Accel Partners, Atlas Venture, CRV, Founder Collective, Menlo Ventures, Sherpa Ventures




Founding Team Bios

TJ Parker, CEO & Co-founder

TJ is a designer at heart and a pharmacist by training. He started his career at his family’s long-term care pharmacy in 2004, and has worked at Target pharmacy, a local community pharmacy, and Massive Health (acquired by Jawbone). He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Elliot Cohen, CTO & Co-founder

Elliot is a scientist at heart, an engineer by training and a vocal advocate for transparent, customer-empowered healthcare. He graduated from UC Berkeley and has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Elliot has played key engineering roles at both healthcare and non-healthcare related startups, was an associate at Founder Collective and started his career as a program manager at Microsoft.

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