We sort and deliver your medications at no cost to you.

Learn How PillPack Works
Prescriptions refilled


We contact your doctors and proactively manage your refills for you.

Doctor and pharmacist


Your doctors send new prescriptions directly to our pharmacy.

Pharmacist check


We use an automated dispensing system with multiple pharmacist checks.

Pre-sorted medications


We sort and package your medications into individual dose packs.


All Your Pharmacy Needs

  • Inhalers, creams, diabetes testing supplies, and refrigerated items
  • As-needed medications in bottles
  • Preferred brands of vitamins and OTCs

Our pharmacy team takes care of everything else.

We Verify Your Insurance

We make sure that your insurance is compatible before we transfer any of your medications to our pharmacy. We’ll contact you if we have any issues verifying your coverage.

We Transfer Your Prescriptions

You don’t need to get new prescriptions to use PillPack. We’ll transfer your prescriptions from your previous pharmacy and call your doctors for any prescriptions that need refills.

We Set Your Start Date

Once we’ve transferred your prescriptions, we’ll set your start date and continue to add your medications to future PillPack shipments as you run out of your existing supply.

We Send Your Medications

UPS delivers your medications every two weeks in a discreet box. We email the tracking number and will monitor your shipment to make sure it always arrives on time.

Switch to the only pharmacy designed to fit your life.

PillPack is a better, simpler pharmacy, but if it’s not right for you, we can transfer your prescriptions back to your previous pharmacy.

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