Medication & Management

  • What happens if I get a new prescription?

    Your doctor can call, fax, or e-scribe new prescriptions to us directly. If your new prescription is a medication that should start right away, we’ll send an interim supply to last until your next PillPack arrives. For medications that should start immediately, like an antibiotic, we recommend filling at a local retail pharmacy. If it’s not urgent, we will wait to start the medication until your next PillPack starts to decrease confusion.


  • Can my doctor send prescriptions directly to PillPack?

    Your doctor can send new or updated prescriptions to PillPack at any time. Fax: 1-603-782-4938, phone: 1-855-745-5725, or e-scribe to PillPack.


  • What do I do if my doctor changes a dose of my medication?

    Have your doctor send the new prescription to PillPack (fax: 1-603-782-4938, phone: 1-855-745-5725, or e-scribe). When we receive a new or updated prescription, we’ll send you enough of the new medication to last until your next PillPack.


  • Can you send insulin and diabetic testing supplies like test strips and needles for insulin pens?

    Yes. We send insulin, needles for insulin pens, testing strips, and glucometers. We ship insulin overnight via UPS or FedEx in temperature-controlled packaging.


  • Do you dispense brand or generic medications? Will you ever substitute medications?

    Like most pharmacies, PillPack defaults to sending generic medications unless otherwise prescribed or requested. If you’re a PillPack customer and would like to request a brand name medication, please call us at 855-745-5725. We’re happy to help.


  • How do you handle controlled drugs?

    We can fill and include schedule III, IV, and V medications in your PillPack. We do not fill schedule II prescriptions.


  • How should I dispose of my medications? Does PillPack take back my old medications or needles?

    It’s important to dispose of unused medication. Proper disposal of used needles and lancets is particularly important, as improper disposal can result in injury or worse.

    If you need to dispose unnecessary medication, you should follow any instructions included on the drug label or medication information that comes with your PillPack. Do not flush medication down the toilet unless you’re instructed specifically to do so. For more guidance, contact your state health agency or follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines on the safe disposal of medications and sharps.

    Like most pharmacies, PillPack does not accept returned medication or needles. But if you’re unsure about how to properly dispose of a certain product, contact us at the pharmacy at 855-745-5725. We’re happy to help.


  • Do you fill 90-day supplies?

    No, we don’t currently fill 90-day supplies. Filling monthly allows us to easily accommodate any changes in your prescriptions.


  • What do you do about dose changes?

    If you have a medication with frequent changes, we may put it in a separate packet, or send it in a traditional pill bottle with clear instructions. We do this so that you can easily change your dosing without changing the rest of your PillPack. We work closely with you and your healthcare provider to deliver the management solution that best fits your unique situation.


  • Can you include vitamins in my PillPack?

    Yes, we can include vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications in your PillPack. You can add them when you sign up and can manage them from your Dashboard.


  • What do you do about medication I take only sometimes, not every day?

    Medications prescribed “as-needed” may be dispensed in traditional prescription bottles rather than in your daily packs.

    If you find yourself taking an “as-needed” medication on a scheduled or regular basis, your PillPack pharmacist can help you decide whether it makes sense to get an updated prescription with scheduled directions.


  • Can you send items that don’t fit in a PillPack, like inhalers, creams, and other pharmacy items?

    Yes. We dispense inhalers, creams, testing supplies, and other pharmacy items, as well as prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins. We also ship refrigerated medication, like insulin.


  • What do I do if I have an adverse reaction to a medication?

    911 – If you’re experiencing a serious reaction to your medication, seek medical attention immediately.


  • What if I miss a pack?

    Should you miss a dose of your medication, please don’t hesitate to call the pharmacy directly. You can always call us at 855-745-5725to speak with a pharmacist. We’re happy to help.


  • What happens if I need an antibiotic right away?

    We recommend you fill a short-term antibiotic at a local retail pharmacy so that you can begin therapy right away. If you’re not sure about the urgency of starting a particular medication, you can always call us to speak to a pharmacist directly at 855-745-5725 for any account updates. We’re happy to help.


  • What if my prescription has specific directions?

    We are able to handle any specific directions your medication may have.

    Every PillPack comes with a Medication List that includes images and instructions for each medication. We make it very easy and clear to understand how each medication should be taken. We also include information booklets and instructions for your medications when they are first prescribed or with each shipment, depending on regulations in your state.

    We’re happy to cut your medication in half for you, as prescribed. If your medication requires refrigeration, we’ll send it overnight in temperature-controlled packaging. If you have any questions about how PillPack would handle your specific medications, please don’t hesitate to call us at the pharmacy at 855-745-5725. We’re happy to help.


  • What if you can’t get the specific medication I was prescribed?

    We work with your doctors to coordinate your care and select the right medications for you. If we can’t fill a medication, we’ll work with your doctors and local pharmacy.


  • When are PillPack pharmacists available for consultation?

    Our pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday 8AM-8PM EST and Saturday to Sunday 9:30AM-5PM EST. After normal business hours, a voicemail service is available for PillPack customers and our pharmacists will return your call within 30 minutes. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your physician directly or seek medical care immediately.


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