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  • How much does it cost to use PillPack?

    There’s no additional cost for using PillPack. Shipping is always free, and you’ll only pay your standard 30-day co-pays for our service.


  • What insurance plans do you accept?

    PillPack is compatible with most major insurance plans, including most forms of Medicare Part D. To find out specifically if you will be able to fill your prescriptions with PillPack we recommend contacting your plan provider directly. When you call, make sure to specify that you would like to check to see if you can fill your prescriptions with PillPack, a pharmacy in Manchester, NH, 03101.


  • How much are my co-pays?

    In most cases, your co-pay will stay the same as it is at your local retail pharmacy for a 30-day supply. If you are currently receiving your medication in 90-day supplies from your insurer or local retail pharmacy, you may pay a slightly higher co-pay at PillPack.

    Your co-pays are set by your insurance company and may vary based on certain factors, including where you fill medicines, if you have a deductible, and what kind of medication you’re receiving. Because of these different factors, we recommend that you call your insurance provider directly to get an accurate quote for your set of medications. When you call, make sure to specify that you would like your co-pay information for filling 30-day prescriptions at PillPack, a pharmacy in Manchester, NH, 03101.


  • How does billing work?

    We charge your credit card every 28 days for medications shipped since your last billing statement. This statement includes co-pays for the prescription medications and any charges for non-prescription medications that you added to your order.

    Your monthly co-pay statement will usually be the same as at a retail pharmacy. You receive a notice one week before the charge posts so that you have time to review the statement and make any changes.


  • Do you offer discounts or financial assistance?

    The best way to hear about promotions and discounts is to join our mailing list. If you have a specific circumstance where you need financial assistance, we’re happy to work with you - just send us an email:


  • How do I pay my bill?

    It’s easiest to pay by credit card and we typically auto-charge your card every 28 days for your co-pays and any charges for the non-prescription medications you may have ordered.

    If you can not pay by credit card, please contact us at 855-745-5725 to make alternate arrangements.


  • How do you get my insurance information?

    When you sign up for an account, we’ll ask for some identifying information and the location of your current pharmacy. Once you confirm that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions, we will call your old pharmacy and make the switch. Typically we can also transfer all of your prescription insurance information. If there are any issues, we will contact you to work them out before starting your PillPack subscription.


  • How much do you charge for OTCs, vitamins, and supplements?

    PillPack sources over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements from similar suppliers as a local retail pharmacy. We follow these suppliers’ suggested retail pricing, which is usually very similar to the prices you would find at a retail pharmacy.


  • Is there a long-term commitment for using PillPack?

    There is absolutely no long-term commitment at PillPack. If you are unhappy with the service, or would like to switch for any reason, we will help coordinate with your new pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions and information. We do require you to call-in to cancel, as we want to ensure you never miss your medication - but we respect your decisions as a customer and make it easy to move prescriptions whenever you choose.


  • What if my insurance requires that I fill my prescriptions from another pharmacy?

    We’ll reach out to you if your insurance company requires that your prescription(s) are filled at another pharmacy. We’ll work with that pharmacy to transfer your prescription(s) and contact your prescriber to make sure the transition is smooth.


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